Young Age Classes (0-6)

Summer 2018        Young Painters Program   

    Monday 10:15-11:15am

“Giggle, Listen and Paint” is a new program appropriate for ages 3-6 years old children accompanied by a caregiver. During this hour of fun, your child will paint a pottery project based on a featured storybook. We will paint, listen to the story read ad loud and get our giggles out with silly games and songs.

1.Project: Fish Plate Book: ”The adventures of Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister   Dates: July 2nd or July 30th

  1. Project: Cereal Bowl Book: “Rumble Bear” by Susan Sindelar illustrated Nancy Beard  (our studio artist) Dates: July 9th or August 6th
  1. Project: Butterfly candy dish Book: “Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle                                              Dates: July 16th  or August 13th
  1. Project: Lemonade Mug Book: “Olivia Opens the Lemonade Stand” Kama Einhorn Dates: July 23rd or August 20th
  1. Project: Treasure (fossils) Box Book: “How do Dinosaur Play with Their Friends?”  Dates: June 25th or August  27th

Preregistration required.

Price: 1 session $22+tax                                                                                                                                                                     4 session bundle $74 +tax (GREAT DEAL!!!)                                                                                                               When purchasing 4 session bundle you will be able to select your dates but you still have to preregister in advance for a specific class.

Please call to reserve your spot by phone 914-502-0088



On Sunday, April 29th from 9-10 am
and                                                                     Thursday, May 3rd 5-6pm,                                                                                                                                    you and your little one can paint a beautiful vase together while listening to the book  “I love you so much” written by Carl Norac. We will be using, paint brushes, sponges, polka dot stamps and…handprints! This project can also make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Listen and paint with the author (3-7yo)

Join us on this special adventure of Mimi and The Monkey Balloon! We will have so much fun painting a monkey mug while listening to the story “A Tale of The Monkey Balloon” read by a local author Rebecca Eisenberg.                                                                                                                                                          Date /Time: Wednesday, Feb 28th 5-6: 15 PM  and Sunday, March 4th, 9-10:15 AM                IMG_0447               Project: Monkey Mug + Story Time read by the author
Cost: $39 + tax (mug and book signed by the author)
Ages: 3-7 years old
About the author:
Rebecca Eisenberg is a certified speech-language pathologist, author, and instructor. She loves using children’s books to facilitate language and encourage creative and imaginative thoughts. She created a blog to help parents encourage learning during mealtime. Her experience has included working with young children up to adulthood with a variety of speech, language and communication disorders for the past 18 years. She lives in Armonk, NY with her husband and two children. 

Easter plate workshop

Your child and you will paint together a stylish round shaped plate using various pottery painting techniques.The plate will be personalized with
your child’s handprints. Such an excellent gift or decoration for your holiday table!
Day/Time: Sunday, March 11th  from 9:00-10: 00 am (Remember to turn the clocks backward!) and Wednesday, March 14th 5-6pm
 Project: dinner sized plate
Cost: $38 plus tax (sibling’s discount 10%)
Ages:0-5 (parents will work with their child)


Call the studio to sign your child up as spaces are limited. Please specify which project you are signing your child up for when you call. Payment in full is due at the sign-up.

Valentines Day Mommy and MeIMG_1856 (1)

This will make a lovely gift for your SWEETY or an excellent home decoration.
Date /Time: Sunday, January 28th 9-10am and
Wednesday, January 31st 5-6pm 

Project: Heart shaped plate
Cost: $29 + tax
Ages: 5 and under

A parent will partner with their offspring to create a unique and LOVELY dinner size plate which will be personalized with the child’s hand or footprints. We will be using various pottery painting techniques like sponging, taping, stickers, paintbrush, squeeze bottles, and fingerprints.
Call the studio to sign your child up as spaces are very limited. 
Payment is due in full at sign up.

Hot Cocoa Mommy & Me class 2018a6ad00ca-38aa-411f-b10d-bfa2ef7ab080 

Time: Sunday, January 7th, 9-10 am                                                                                                  Price: $28 per painter
Ages: 0-5

    You and your child will paint a beautiful cocoa mug with images of penguins, polar bears, snowmen and lots and lots of snowflakes, while listening to the story”Sneezy the snowman”.

th (1)They will use many pottery painting techniques such as sponging, taping, squeeze bottles, stickers, paint brushes and fingerprinting!

The mugs will be dishwasher & microwave safe.

*Please note that the mug that will be painted will be a different shape than the one in the picture above.

 Christmas/Chanukah ClassesIMG_4620IMG_1496 2017








You and your little one will create together a stylish square plate using various pottery painting techniques. We will help you turn their little hand or footprints into either antlers on a Christmas-themed reindeer or Chanukah themed Menorah projects.Such an excellent gift or a decoration for your holiday table. Your family will cherish these pieces of art for years to come. Capture the prints now as they grow up so fast.

On Wednesday, November 29th 5:00-6:00 pm and on                                                                     Sunday, December 3rd 9:00-10:00                                                                                                            $34 +tax per person
Ages: 5 and under
Please call the studio to sign up for classes, spaces are very limited!!!
Remember to specify a menorah or reindeer design
Full payment is due at time of sign up.                                                                                               Listen and Paint Classes 

This unique program is geared to children 4 to 6 years of age and is taught at the A Maze in Pottery studio. Your child will spend one hour of real quality time listening to a story and painting a pottery project that correlates to the story.

Themes for these classes usually tie into an upcoming season or holiday. Your child will make items such as; a cereal bowl, cocoa mug, breakfast plate, family serving dish, room plaque, desk organizer and other original pieces of art which can be used as gifts for family members and friends or to be kept for use right at home.

Due to everyones busy schedules, we have found it best to have a parent get a group together for these classes. This way you can arrange a time and day that works with your child’s and his or her friends schedule.

Please call our studio at (914) 502-0088  and ask to speak with Aggie or Denise to discuss how to set up a class.


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