A Brownie troop hard at work painting their pottery

A Maze In Pottery is proud to participate in the tradition of earning Scout Badges!

  • We offer a 1 1/2 hour class that will enable each Scout to receive their ceramic/pottery badge.
  • We do not furnish the actual badge as that is done by the troop leaders.
  • Please feel free to bring and serve snacks to your troop.
  • There is a minimum of 8 children in order to book an event. We can host a maximum of 40 guests 
  • $50.00 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date and time.  This will be deducted from the party total on the date of the party.

Click here to read contract, deposit and cancellation details 

Here are the options to choose from:

1.“Free choice”

Price: $23

Project includes:

  • One pottery piece chosen from the ”party shelf” (choice of various figurines, boxes, piggy banks)
  • Non-toxic under glaze paints & squeeze bottles
  • Full staff assistance and instructions
  • A question & answer session about the pottery, paints, glazes & kiln used in the studio
  • A studio tour of the one week journey the pottery piece takes to becoming a finished work of art
  •  Glazing and firing of piece after it is painted

2.”Multi-technique project”

This project allows Scouts to learn several different painting techniques such as stickers, masking tape, sponging, stamps, stencils, splattering, confetti, squeeze bottles as well as various brush strokes.

Project includes a choice of one type of piece for the whole troop:                                              1. 6″ X 6″ tile- $22 to be hanged on the wall or used as a trivet                                                2. 8″ X 8″ tile-$25 to be hanged on the wall or used as a trivet                                                  3. Salad plate- $25 can be used as a breakfast plate or displayed on the wall                  4. Dinner plate- $28 can be used as a dinner plate or displayed on the wall                          5.Oval plaque- $25 goes with beaded wire hanger

                                       Themes for the above pottery pieces are:

  • Winter- winter wonderland         Butterfly                                 -Valentine’s Day- heart
  • Spring- flower                                  Cupcake                                 -Christmas- tree
  • Summer- beach theme                  Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”     -Chanukah- menorah
  • Fall- Halloween                              – Flip flops                                 -Thanksgiving- turkey
  • Girls Scout Daisy Design

For an additional $3.00 per person, you may choose a theme of your choice.

Click here to see pictures of some of these themed projects


7. Cocoa mug – $23                                          

 8. Footed Bowl – $23

Themes for the mug are:                                                  Themes for the bowl are: 

-Winter Wonderland                                                         – Watermelon

-Summer Beach                                                                 Jackson Pollock Splatter

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